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Ojo Del Mar will open November 15th!

After everything that has happened over the last 7 months it feels like a true celebration to be able to announce that Ojo Del Mar will open November 15th! With very few travellers and no COVID cases in the area, this could be one of the safest places to visit right now. 

Costa Rica is open to International travelers! Costa Rica's boarders are open to Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and all EU countries. As of November 1: Costa Rica is opening it’s boarders to all 50 states of USA. AND, beginning on October 26, arriving visitors will no longer need to show proof of a negative PCR coronavirus test result! Local authorities, airports and airlines, tourism boards, travel companies and the hospitality sector are all doing the best they can to make travel as safe as possible.

Just send us a note and we will share with you the easy step by step information that other guests have already used to get into the country and arrive safely to Ojo Del Mar.

Click here to send a note We want you to feel safe booking with us.Therefore, payments are valid for an indefinite amount of time. So if the border opening gets pushed, or flights get cancelled, you won’t loose your booking. We will honour it until you are able to come. In other words we can offer 100% credit for as long as you need it. Click here to book

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