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Wildlife Discoveries

Tours that offer an only-in-the-Osa chance to visit our untamed ecosystem. 


Corcovado National Park

Full Day Hike

Corcovado’s 127,000 acres of primary rain forest is home to an astonishing diversity of wildlife - tree frogs and snakes, monkeys, sloths, jaguars, and scarlet macaws. We recommend the entrance near Carate - From there, you can either hike on trails at Corcovado Tent Camp, or head straight into the park. 

Getting There: The easiest way to get there is by your own rental car or by taxi, with a guide who will hike you into the park for the day.

Timing: It's a 1 hour drive plus a beach hike to the entrance near Carate.

Cost: $85 per person (two person minimum) plus Collectivo Taxi at 6$ pp.

What to Bring: Wear shorts and shoes good for walking and hiking, bring water and sunscreen.

Notes: Reservations are required at least 24 business-hours before your visit. If you want to tour the Park on your second day at Ojo del Mar, please let us know as soon as possible-- via email or when you complete your booking form.


Matapalo Rainforest and Waterfall

Walking Tour

If you want to see animals without having to hike too far, then this is the tour for you. On the walk to Matapalo you can expect to see a huge variety of wildlife, including the peninsula's four species of monkeys, anteaters, sloths, coatimundis, a variety of smaller mammals, macaws, toucans, hawks, poison dart frogs --as well as the incredible flora that fills the peninsula.

Getting There: You'll leave from Ojo del Mar on foot.

Timing: You can chose between a 3-hour walk or a half-day adventure. Many people take the Early Morning hike from 5:30 to 9 and come back for breakfast. Start time is flexible for the Half-day Hike.

Cost: $35 per adult

What to Bring: Hiking shoes, long pants or shorts and t-shirts work great; bring plenty of water.

Notes: This is a less-intensive walk, good for intergenerational groups.


Birding in Matapalo or Corcovado

Private Birding Excursions

The Osa plays host to more than 400 species of birds, including migratory visitors from across the Americas. The diverse habitats found here--primary and secondary forests, mature and immature pastures, mangroves and coastal areas -- are excellent for bird watching. Let us help you decide on the best place to visit.


Of note - Ojo del Mar is a wonderful place for spotting lowland birds!

Getting There: Depends on your destination.

Timing:  Varies, but usually early is best.

Cost: $35 per person for a 3 hour hike

What to Bring: In addition to plenty of water, bring your Birding gear, and be sure to bring your checklist! (Check our Birding Guide for one tailored to the Southern Osa!)

Notes: Both serious and first-time birders are welcome on these tours.  


Jungle Hikes, Walks and Personalized Tours

Personalized Excursions

There are many additional options for tailoring foot excursions to your needs. Some are great for seeing the forest, and other hikes are better for birds and animals. Most are generally fairly rigorous, in the deep, dark jungle, but we can also create family-friendly, intergenerational hikes and walks. Let us know what you are most interested in. Prices vary depending upon location.


Kayak Tours

Dolphin Watching and Mangrove Tours

This is a fabulous kayak trip for all ages, lasting about three hours. This is a tide-dependent tour, as you paddle up the river at high tide. Starting in Puerto Jimenez, you’ll kayak through and around the tranquil mangroves of the river, where you can see caimans, crocodiles, Jesus Christ lizards, lots of aquatic bird life, and a variety of other animals typical of the mangrove. You then portage over a bit of beach and find yourself in the ocean, where you may see rays, dolphins and other sea life.

Getting There: You can drive or take a taxi to Puerto Jimenez.

Your Guides: Alberto is a charming guide who speaks very good English, as does his daughter, Laura. They have a great eye for wildlife and explain the area in wonderful detail!

Timing:  Tide dependent, so varies, but set aside a half day with an early start.

Cost: $45 per person, which does not include the $80 roundtrip for taxi.

What to Bring: Expect to get wet and exposed to a lot of sun: dress accordingly and wear (and bring) sunscreen.

Notes:  Alberto also offers a variety of other tour options such as full-day kayaking trips and snorkeling, as well as visits to see bioluminescence.


Rio Esquinas and Golfo Dulce Boat Tour

Whale Watching and Dolphin-spotting

This is categorically the finest boat tour on the Gulf. You will explore over 40 miles of the gulf, its lush coastline, its deltas, and mangrove estuaries. You also have plenty of time to plane board and snorkel near dolphins and over reefs. In addition to Whale and Dolphin spotting (from May to December), if the tide is high enough, you can add a Mangrove tour as well. 

Getting There: Depending on the size of your group, there are a few options. Let us know when you arrive, and we will help you choose.

Your Guides: Depends on the day and destination! 

Timing: The river tour is tide-dependent, so check with us regarding departure times. This is especially important for birders! 

Cost: $280 for four, $45 pp extra for the tour. Add $25 if the boat stops at the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary.

What to Bring: Expect to get wet and exposed to a lot of sun: dress accordingly and wear (and bring) sunscreen.

Notes: Because of the tides, this tour is optimal for bird-spotting only several days out of every month. If you are a birder, it is critical that we know ahead of time, so we can schedule this tour early in the morning on the best day during your visit.


Delfin Blanco Charter Boat

Chartered Water Excursions

One of the best way to see and appreciate this spectacular sea life is to hop on a boat, and check it all out.The Delfin Blanco is a large, comfortable boat that can be chartered by large groups to see the Golfo Dulce. It is also available for parties, etc. Check out their web site, then talk to us for details.

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