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At Ojo del Mar, one of the world's most bio-intense, intriguing and relaxing habitats is right outside your doorstep.

Activities at Ojo del Mar

Whether you've just finished morning Yoga, are between tours, or just want to relax, there are plenty of things to do without even leaving the Lodge!

Meet the Neighbors

You don't need to leave the Lodge to find our local wildlife! Before even leaving your room, you might spot squirrel monkeys eating cacao fruit in the trees, or be serenaded by macaws.


Look high in trees and low along trails. Who you'll see depends on time of day, time of year, and how quiet you are! Need help? Grab one of our Nature Guides - and sometimes, a friendly Birder or naturalist who can fill you in!


Get your Feet Wet


Our secluded, hand-built sweet water pool is a place to swim, cool off or just lounge; the beach offers gentle waves that are good for swimming and body-boarding, with a short break that young surfers love!

While you can easily spend all day on our beautiful beach, there are with even more surfing options a short walk away. We can give you directions, or you can go on your own.


Get a Massage

After a hard day in paradise, receive a magical massage while watching the dazzling ocean under giant palm trees - our Spa sits right on the beach! We can arrange a variety of techniques, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and Thai massage

Our seaside spa also provides facials, sound healing and energy work, as well as other services - for details, visit the Inner Journeys page

"10 minutes after arriving, two troupes of monkeys (spider monkeys and squirrel monkeys) were swinging through the trees by our cabin. What a treat to see! There were also beautiful red macaws flying above. When we went into Corcovado for a hike the next day, the guide said, "Oh - you're staying at Ojo Del Mar? Then you've already seen all the wonderful wildlife!" We really picked the best place to stay for wildlife viewing. Because of Ojo Del Mar's many sustainable practices and low-impact, the wildlife doesn't feel threatened by the area. It is very natural feeling and stunningly beautiful."

- A..., Argentina

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