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Sourced from local farmers and fishers and our own gardens, our simple, clean cooking highlights global flavors and regional influences.  

Meals at Ojo del Mar

"Eating with attention and delight is probably the deepest 

expression of our connection to the earth."

We describe our style of cooking as healthy comfort food, presented beautifully with minimal fuss, served with care and just a light touch of flair. Our style reflects local flavors and our extensive travels in the Mediteranean, Asia, India, Africa and Mexico.


For breakfast we offer a buffet of fresh juices, a selection of tropical fruits, yoghurt, homemade granolas, as well as a hot breakfast of fresh eggs cooked to order, with homemade bread or typical Costa Rican Pinto (rice and beans), or Banana Pancakes with coconut flakes and cinnamon-infused syrup. And of course--delicious Costa Rican coffee!



During  the day, we're happy to pack a picnic lunch to take along on your adventures. 

(12$ per person) 

Throughout the afternoon, you'll also find plentiful coffee and tea in the Casa Grande, and a selection of smoothies.

(prices vary)


Dinners are always a special event. Everyone gathers to share stories of the day, while enjoying a plentiful meal, made with love and served by candlelight.


Our seasonally-inspired buffet features a selection of either whole food vegetarian, chicken or fish entrees, accompanied by a variety of interesting side dishes and a homemade dessert.

(22$ per person, plus tax)

We offer a selection of beer and wine throughout the day,

and, after 4pm, cocktails.

With a little pre-planning, we can accommodate nearly all non-religious dietary restrictions and preferences. We always have Vegetarian options, and can easily adapt to Vegan, Celiac (gluten-free) and allergy-friendly diets. We cannot accommodate Keto, Paleo, Raw or Kosher/Halal diets. If you have food restrictions or allergies, please reach out to us so we can plan together!  

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"... from the Cabinas to the helpful owners, to the beautiful grounds, to the wildlife, to the food (oh my gosh ... the FOOD!!!) this place is PARADISE. Just trust me, you can stop searching and just stay here. Did I mention the food is incredible??"


- Heather, USA

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