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Meet our founders: Mark Hübner - artist, architect, builder and surfer - and Nico Fischer, holistic doctor, Yoga teacher and passionate cook. 

A  Paradise for Nature Lovers, with an Elemental, Relaxed Style

We're guided by an philosophy of ethical consciousness: a mindfulness for human dignity, aesthetic beauty, and appreciation for the natural environment.

Ojo del Mar is a sustainable sanctuary on Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula. Just south of Puerto Jimenez, our Lodge is on four beach-front acres on the Golfo Dulce, making us an ideal location to forge unforgettable memories in one of the world's last intact rainforests. 

We welcome all visitors, whether on solo travels, family reunions, retreats or group adventures. Our Lodge is 100% off the grid, and we work to make sure our waste, water and other impacts are minimal, and to create a healthy space for animals and people alike.


We speak English, Spanish and German.

For more about us, visit our FAQ.


" ...a lovely and conscientous little spot...that benefits the local environment and economy... "

- Condé Nast Traveler    


" ... tucked in admidst the windswept beach and the lush jungle, this is a little plot of paradise ..."

Lonely Planet 2007


...Ojo del Mar fits the low-key local vibe ... crushed gravel walkways lit by bamboo lanterns wind through the jungle to the main lodge, an open-air bamboo structure built by Mark. The feeling is quiet, peaceful, and reverential of the forrest surrounding. ....Mark and Nico's eco-ethics are pragmatic, a development of their practice of living lightly amid the Osa's robust yet fragile ecosystem. 

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