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Inner Journeys

Visit our seaside sanctuaries for Yoga, massage, energy and sound healing

Yoga at Ojo del Mar

Here, Yoga is a Way of Life! 

Ojo del Mar provides the perfect environment to practice Yoga.  We offer daily classes of Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga, an energetic flow of postures in a sequence designed to obtain harmony and balance for body and soul. This class is a great introducton to Yoga for all ages, and terrific way for more experienced practicioners to immerse themselves in the environment. 

Getting There: You don't have to leave home! 

Timing: Daily at 7:30am, 90 minutes. Classes start after a light breakfast of fruit and granola; we serve you a full breakfast after the class.

Cost: $15 per person 

What to Bring: Everything you need is provided.

Notes: We welcome individuals and groups of all sorts - we love it when beginners and kids join in! 


Healing Touch

Massage Under the Giant Palms

At the heart of our Healing Arts modalities is a hope to empower each individual to regain a sense of harmony, reverence, and balance, and to awaken inner resources for healing. All our therapists have the essential ability to be present and loving with their touch, which in turn opens the gates to healing. 

Getting There: Right here at Ojo del Mar!

Timing: At your leisure. 

Cost: $80 for 1 hour; $120 for 1.5 hours

What to Bring: Everything you need is provided.

Notes: Each practitioner is dedicated to connecting deeply with each client, and can usually accommodate specific requests and preferences within their massage modality (Swedish, Deep Tissue. Shiatsu, and Thai massage.)


Retreats at Ojo del Mar

Retreats, Trainings and other Events

We host a range of wellness events, from week-long retreats and workshops to Yoga trainings and more. 

Check our Retreats and Gatherings page for details on upcoming sessions

Featured Planning Guides

Ideas and tips to help you have an extraordinary experience in the Osa

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