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Active Adventures

Activities to get your heart racing - and give you plenty to talk about when you get back.


Rancho Tropical Horseback Ride

A full-day ride through the primary forest

This is a fabulous horse ride up the hill into the primary forest, followed by a hike to a waterfall - and then ride on the beach! You will be guided on sure-footed, well-trained horses by friendly local `campesinos`. Ride horseback through the dense rain forest, the lowland meadow, to the top of the mountains, into the jungle and across the Pacific coastal rocky beaches. Learn interesting facts related to the local vegetation and get the chance to observe a stunning variety of birds, reptiles and mammals in their natural habitat.

Getting There: Just steps from our Casa Grande - the tour starts right at Ojo del Mar!

Timing: 3 hours

Cost: $60 per person 

What to Bring: The ride includes helmets, but you should wear long pants, hat/sunglasses, camera, sunscreen, and bring water and bug spray.

Notes: This trip is rated Medium difficulty, but both children over 10 and seniors have found this trip to be a great way to see the Osa. A reservation is required 24 hours in advance. For more information, visit the Rancho Tropical Web site.


Surfing Lessons on the Golfo Dulce

Hang Ten!

Learn to surf - or refresh your skills - in the warm waters of the Golfo Dulce on a perfect spot for beginners. The location features a forgiving wave that makes learning fun without any hazards, and the soft boards are large and easy to maneuver. 

Getting There: You can drive or take a taxi to Pan Dulce Beach in Cabo Matapalo. 

Your Guides: "Pollo" Oldemar has been teaching since 2001, and is known for his big wave surfing and new age tricks.

Timing: Check with us regarding tides and swell, as well as start times. You'll surf for 1.5- 2 hours.

Cost: Basic group lesson is $55, other formats (including individual and private group lessons) are available at other price points. Add $60 for taxi if needed. 

What to Bring: Lycra surfing shirts and professional soft top boards are provided. 

Notes: Pollo guarantees you will stand up! 


Andy's Tree Climbing Adventure

A heart-pumping climb into the canopy!

These tours are not for everyone! 


This hike can't be beat if you are the adventurous type. You'll hike through and along the river to spectacular waterfall. In the rainy season you can stand in the pool below it and enjoy a refreshing shower before your treeclimb. (This is also the waterfall that one rappels.)


During your hike, Andy, who is an extremely enthusiastic professional biologist will explain and demonstrate many of the unique aspects of the rainforest ecosystem. The animal life is exceedingly rich in this area, so you can routinely see all four species of monkeys, sloths, anteaters, toucans, macaws, etc. In addition, you can leap out of high trees and/or scale down gorgeous waterfalls (in the dry season, this may not be a waterfall, but a cliff).

Upon reaching the tree you rope in and climb about ninety feet, where monkeys may be greeting you. Then, leap into thin air and swing through the air à la Tarzan. Finally, you are lowered to the ground feeling exhilarated and glad to have survived. Great fun, highly recommended.

Your Guides: Andy and Terry from Everyday Adventures offer three tours, all of which can be combined.

Cost: Varies depending on the size of your group and which combinations you choose.

What to Bring: For every adventure, you'll start the tour at Andy's house, so you can take any extra items with you, and leave them at his house. You'll get wet, so wear close-toed shoes (sneakers or hiking boots), quick dry shorts, t-shirts, and swim suits for enjoying the waterfall pool. Water is recommended, although Andy will always be happy to have a beer with you at the local watering hole post-tour. Also bring binoculars and, of course, cameras.

Notes:  Ages six to eighty-six (the record set so far!) Even if you don't want to climb the tree, you can do the hike with the others in your group and watch from the safety of the ground.


Andy's Waterfall/Cliff Rappel

Whether it's Wet Varies by Season!

Andy also offers a spectacular waterfall/cliff rappelling adventure. Depending upon the season, you may rappel down two waterfalls or two cliffs. Ages ten and upward! See the details under Andy's Tree Climb, above.

Special Note: Anyone heading out to climb the tree or waterfall rappel gets a built-in rainforest hike. Those wishing to just hike through the rainforest (or to accompany your friends or family on their adventure) can sign up for just the Rainforest Hike. Anyone from infants (in backpacks) to 86-year-olds can do this one if they are in good physical shape and are willing to get sweaty, maybe bruised, and definitley wet!


Zip Line tour of Osa Palmas

Dive through the Canopy!

With a total of six zip lines and platforms reaching as high as 180 feet (60 meters), Osa Palmas is one of the premiere zip lining destinations in the Puerto Jimenez area. The longest and fastest zip line on the Osa Peninsula gives you the experience of flight as the Osa Palmas Canopy Tour shoots you 50 mph over breathtaking views.

Getting There: Taxi or car to Puerto Jimenez (there is a van pool, but it takes considerably longer.)

Your Guides: The friendly staff at Osa Palmas

Timing: The tour lasts 1.5 hours; the start times are 9:30 or 2:30.

Cost: $40pp and the taxi $120 roundtrip

What to Bring: The tour and includes certified gear and insurance, personalized and professional instruction, water and snack of tropical fruits. 

Notes: Check out the videos on their web site!

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