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Culture & Community

Get to know the people and culture of the Peninsula de Osa


Finca Kobo Chocolate Tour

A Tasting Adventure

This tour supports a Costa Rican family -- and preserves the rainforest! You will walk about two kilometers through primary forest seeing a variety of fauna and flora, while learning all about chocolate; at the end of your trip you will dine upon the delicious chocolate they make.

Getting There: A 60-minute Taxi ride to the forest near Canaza.

Timing: You'll leave here at 7:30 to arrive for the 8:30am tour. The tour lasts about three hours.

Cost: $30 per person, and the taxi is $120 roundtrip

What to Bring: Everything you need is provided.

Notes: Walking shoes are recommended for your trip through the forest. 


Ngobe Indigenous Reserve

Learn about Indigenous Culture

The Ngöbe aboriginal community originally lived in an area now intersected by border between Panama and Costa Rica, but as semi-nomadic peoples, they have lived on the Osa Peninsula for hundreds of years. 


More so than many tribes in Costa Rica, the Ngöbe have been able to preserve their customs and culture, and it is not unusual to see women wearing the traditional brightly colored, ankle-length nagua dress. This tour introduces you to the traditional lifestyles and handicrafts and encourages the preservation of Ngöbe cultural heritage. 

Getting There: The Ngöbe reserves are remote; OsaWild will coordinate your overnight trip from Ojo del Mar. 

Cost: includes meals and horse on the way in, 70pp

What to Bring: Be prepared to overnight, and bring long-sleeved, protective clothing, as the weather can be highly variable. 


Visit a Local Farm

Experience Rural Life

On this tour, you'll meet a local family who will share Costa Rican traditions and show their beautiful gardens, where you can learn about tropical fruits, plants, and local agriculture. This family farm is a great representation of our people’s lifestyle. The tour ends with a delicious snack of fruits and chocolate harvested from the farm.

Getting There: Drive, or take a taxi from Puerto Jimenez to Cañaza.

Cost:  $40pp (min 2 people), traditional food included. Taxi is +$40 each way.

What to Bring: Everything you need is provided.

Notes: Minimum 2 people


Gold Town, Dos Brazos and Río Tigre

Nature and History

The Osa Peninsula's rivers are still, to this day, rich in gold deposits. The region's history of gold mining has had a huge influence on the culture and the independent and self­-reliant personalities of the people. Gold is still panned for in the Río Tigre, which passes through Dos Brazos. The town's pulperias (local shops) even have scales where they regularly weigh and trade gold. Our Gold Panning Tour makes it easy for visitors to experience how it is done first hand with local expert "Oreros".

Getting There: Transportation from Puerto Jimenez to Dos Brazos or viceversa (+$30 each way)

Timing: Flexible departure; the tour and demonstration is about 2 hours.

Cost:  2 hours, 35$ pp.

What to Bring: Everything you need is provided.

Notes: There is also a longer tour, 2 days, 1 night (3-6 pax) 140$ pp.


Casa Orquideas Botanical Garden  

With the McAllisters

Casa Orquideas is one of the oldest and most interesting botanical gardens in Costa Rica. The beautifully landscaped private tropical garden-- a continous work in progress-- showcases an incredible collection of orchids, in addition to hundreds of species of tropical plants, which in turn are a magnet for birds, butterflies, insects and other wildlife. On the guided tour Ron or Trudy will take you around their finca, rich with a variety of trees, spices, vegetables, flowering gingers, orchids, heliconias, bromeliads, palms, aroids, and other fragrant and unusual plants. This is not just a visual tour but a tour of all the senses including touch, taste and smell.

Getting There: Boat is the only way to get to there!

Timing: Guided tours on Sundays and Thursday are at 8:30am,  so you must leave the lodge no later than 7:30am. You'll need to be on time for this tour, as people come from all around the Gulf for this tour. All other days (except Fridays when the gardens are closed), you can walk the gardens on a self-guided tour.

Cost: A boat taxi for this tour runs $130. The guided tour is $10pp with a minimum of four people, includes refreshments, and only available Thursdays and Sundays. Self-guided tours run $5pp.

What to Bring: Be sure to bring a camera, and even a pair of binoculars!

Notes: This tour can also be enjoyed in combination with a Golfo Dulce Boat Tour, and/or Osa Wildlife Sanctuary. Talk to us for details.

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MARTINA'S Restaurant & Bar

Artisan Market and Gathering Place

Martina´s (also knows as Buena Esperanza) is one of the only restaurants in our part of the Osa. It features an Artisan market and local music on Fridays; it has a party-vibe that attracts locals and tourists alike. Get there early for the market - a cornucopia of artisanal foods and locally-made soaps, essential oils, jewelry, clothing, and more!

Getting There: Walkable - just 400m down the road!

Timing: Open 9am-9pm Sat-Thu. On Fridays, the Market opens at 4:30 and last call is just before 1am. 

Cost: Varies - bring cash! 

Notes: The dinner menu gets announced on a chalk board, and there is always at least one vegetarian offering.

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