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find balance


We offer daily classes of Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga, an energetic flow of postures in a sequence designed to obtain harmony and balance for body and soul.

A Space for Inner Journeys

With multiple spaces for Yoga, mediation and more, there's lots of room to stretch, on and off the mat. 


Many people visit Ojo del Mar as part of their tour of our thriving rainforest.

But just as many visit to connect to more deeply to themselves and to the elemental.

Our Yoga Shala

The Yoga Shala is a custom-designed spaces for practice. With hardwood floor, insulated bamboo roof, indirect lighting and movable screened doors on all sides, it's a spacious, balanced environment for Yoga. It features Manuka yoga mats, straps, blocks and yoga blankets.​​

We have classes every morning for an additional fee. Except when we are hosting large Yoga retreats, both spaces are available throughout the day.

What the two of you have created here epitomizes "Pura Vida". Your attachments to the earth is beautiful and inspiring, your deep connection to your land is touching and your strong beliefs keep it all together. Thanks for the fabulous food, talks and vision"


- Carrie Lisbeth and family

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