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  • How do I arrange tours and other activities? Do I need to do it in advance?
    While a few tours - like Corcovado National Park - require 24-hour advance notice, most are very easy to set up once you get here. When you arrive, please meet with us to talk about your plans and preferences. We'll help identify activities that are for kids or are family-friendly; that may be physically demanding or require experience; or have other factors that will help you decide if they are a good fit. And, while we are very happy to offer complimentary help with your plans, please bring cash; you'll pay your guides, drivers and other providers directly.
  • Is there electricity? Can I charge my laptop, or plug in a hair dryer?"
    Ojo del Mar is 100% “off the grid” -- all our power comes from the sun, and we use solar lights and firelight for illumination. We carefully monitor our power production and consumption, and do not offer air conditioning, telephones, or televisions. For the proper functioning of our energy system, we ask our guests to refrain from the use of high-consuming electronics such as laptops, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, irons and the like. ​ We are happy to charge your camera, as well as smartphones and other mobile devices like iPads or Kindles.
  • Is there WiFi?
    At Ojo del Mar, there is WiFi in our Casa Grande, but not in the individual rooms. WiFi and Cellular coverage is spotty across Costa Rica. We recommend you download maps and directions to your mobile device; print your details; take screenshots; or save them to a text-based phone app, like Notes.
  • Is Ojo del Mar Kid-friendly?
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"Yes, I do believe in the eye of the sea in the center of a storm. This is a place of true tranquility amidst a traveler's chaos of comings and goings. Time took a holiday while I stayed here leaving all sorts of time in my days to just... take it all in. The majesty of the Osa Peninsula is for all who stay here. You don’t even need to move from this table and it is revealed. This place is an inspiration. I hope it does the same for all the others that are fortunate enough to pass this way. Thank you for sharing love" 


- Josh Livingston

"Thank you for everything, we couldn’t have dreamed of a nicer place to be on earth. Until coming to Ojo del Mar, the expression ‘Pura Vida’ seemed like a cheesy cliche from tourist guide books. I think here we discovered the meaning of ‘Pura Vida’: the simple luxuries of good food (delicious, healthy & fresh), clean air, and a life harmonious with the environment around us – things that are harder and harder to obtain in our world. Pura Vida!"


- Josh Kalin

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