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5 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica After COVID-19

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

During these exceptional times, when we are all facing situations beyond our wildest dreams, it can be healthy to imagine ourselves beyond COVID-19 with hope and optimism.

One way I achieve this is by dreaming about the first place I will travel to once it’s safe to do so. But I am also thinking back to the things that I loved about Costa Rica when I came here so long ago - why Costa Rica should be your first travel destination post COVID-19.

1. Costa Rica is a small country and while it is a popular travel destination, there are so many pockets of natural and cultural attractions that you never feel it is over-crowded - which is reassuring in these exceptional times. This little corner of the world can bring almost complete immersion in nature, sometimes putting us closer to nature rather than to people!

2. Costa Rica has shown the world how flattening the COVID-19 curve can be done diligently and as a country. With its robust public health system, firm leadership, extensive testing and a successful #StayAtHome program put in place nationwide, Costa Rica is now seeing more COVID-19 patients recovering, and there is a downward trend in new cases - which is reassuring for the population and future travelers to this amazing country.

3. Just as in other countries, Costa Rica has had to adjust to a steep decrease in tourism, and the commerce and industry it creates. But beyond the economic impact, we are learning the value of connection, too. In these times of physical distancing, travel allows us to come more united as humanity. Across the world, people are realizing that we are all in this together, not as a country, but as a planet.

4. The sudden decline in human activities - and the pollution they create - let many people around the world see what we experience every day on the Osa Peninsula: clean air, clear water, animal and a culture that moves more slowly and mindfully. Some people have found that the quarantines helped them see the value of time, family, and self-care - and our environment.

5. COVID-19 has clipped the wings of those of us with Wanderlust. It has given us the time to appreciate that travel is necessary, and that it is good for us! When travel starts up again and we can begin new journeys of discovery, Costa Rica checks lots of boxes:

  • it’s beautiful, is small and so easy to get around.

  • it is an adventure wonderland: the beaches are fantastic, the rainforests are awesome, the volcanoes are jaw-dropping,

  • the locals are friendly, the culture impressive, and the food is scrumptious

Costa Ricans are very proud of their country, and we definitely agree with them as this small, developing nation seems to have shined a light of hope yet again! When you decide to travel again, we look forward to warmly welcoming you - to Costa Rica, to the Osa Peninsula, and of course, to Ojo del Mar! In the meantime stay safe and stay healthy!


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