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Herman Brusselmans - The book that must be read! by J. Chipperfield (2006) Redirects here Herman Brusselmans: Herman Herman Brusselmans: Read all of Herman Brusselmans's books (in Dutch, except for parts of book #1) Read the chapter on Herman Brusselmans in: Chopra, R. (2007). The Hindustani experience: South Asian cinema, 1947-2007. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.. Category:1918 births Category:1996 deaths Category:People from Antwerp Category:Belgian emigrants to the Netherlands Category:Dutch children's writers Category:Dutch-language writers Category:20th-century Dutch novelists Category:20th-century Dutch male writers Category:20th-century Dutch writersDeep Space Gateway The Deep Space Gateway (DSG) is a proposed outpost in the solar system for exploration and construction of the future International Space Station (ISS) in cislunar space. The project is being considered by NASA, which owns the ISS. It was originally proposed in the early 2000s under the Project Daedalus initiative, but has been re-formulated in 2016 and 2017 as an independent project. Since June 2017, NASA officials have said the agency intends to proceed with development of the DSG, at a cost of $6.8 billion. The DSG would be located outside of Earth's gravitational pull. The Deep Space Gateway would function as a staging base for future missions to explore nearby objects, especially the Moon. It would be a prototype for long-term use by humans, to explore an area free of terrestrial atmospheric interference and radiation. History The proposal for a Deep Space Gateway (DSG) began as Project Daedalus. Initially, the design called for a facility that would provide station crew transfers and logistics to crewed Orion spacecraft; and a lunar base. Later, it was updated to include building the Gateway in lunar orbit. The initial concept was approved in the 2007 NASA Authorization Act (Public Law 110-167) and in the NASA Authorization Act of 2008. The first proposed Lunar Gateway was to be a crewed version of the Orion spacecraft, which would be launched by Space Launch System. In addition, the Gateway would provide an




Herman Brusselmans Site.epub olifin

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